The first 100% Hotel Show Online Edition promises 30 days of Hotel Networking



The 100% Hotel Show announces it's full agenda of online actions for the first 100% Hotel Show Online Edition and presents all tools of communication between hoteliers and exhibitors, as well as a 30-day program that will reignite communication in the hotel industry.


Online Trade Shows are completely different from physical events, since there is a broader range of possibilities for both exhibitors and visitors that “move around” free of the spatial and time limitations of a brick and mortar Expo Center. Having said that but also taking into consideration that the audience is not yet fully familiar with online events, the 100% Hotel Show presents a multi-aspect 30-day program which aims at creating a truly interactive communication platform for Hoteliers and Companies that would fill in the existing market gap.

The 100% Hotel Show program is based on 3 main pillars: 

  1. Provision of information to Hoteliers and Tourism Professionals on the exhibitors’ products and services;
  2. Video Communication of Exhibitors with Hoteliers and other Professionals looking for solutions;
  3. Follow-up to the Show, consisting of a summary of the presented solutions.

Therefore, the 100% Hotel Show divided its program into 3 time periods, in an effort to gradually boost interaction between Hoteliers and Exhibitors and lead to fruitful collaborations.

This year’s 100% Hotel Show will be divided into the following time periods:


09 November - 20 November: Live Products & Services Presentations


Live Presentations of Solutions will be broadcast two weeks before the Video Meetings Week. All participants of this year’s 100% Hotel Show will have the opportunity to present  their solutions live on the 100% Hotel Show platform and the Show’s social media. This will allow them to directly reach a wide audience and also book appointments for the Video Meetings Week - which is basically the core week of the Online Show.


23 November - 27 November: Live Video Meetings - Live Workshops - Live 100% Hotel Design Awards 


This is the core week of the Show, focusing on the Live Video Meetings between hoteliers and exhibitors. Hoteliers can either request an immediate video call with the exhibitors, if the latter are available, or book an appointment. To further simulate the physical Show, this week will also feature a series of Live Workshops and the Live Presentations of participants in the 100% Hotel Design Awards.


30 November - 04 December: 100% Follow Up - Live Broadcasting 


After the Live Video Meetings Week, the 100% Hotel Show team will prepare a follow-up based on what has been presented in the previous week, summarizing the solutions presented per section, providing targeted information to hoteliers and assisting them in finding the solutions that suit them.


How will Live Video Meetings take place?


The 100% Hotel Show has always boasted of its digital aspect, with hundreds of thousands of website visitors and over 40,000 pre-registrations through the website, making thus the idea of an online event more tangible.


And this idea is extremely simple:

  • All exhibitors are ready, waiting in front of their camera, as they would have been waiting in their booths in the physical Show.
  • Hoteliers can see which Exhibitors are available and also turn on their Camera.
  • The meeting takes place in the form of Video Call through the 100% Hotel Show platform, during which Hoteliers can present their premises on camera.

On top of that, all Companies and visitors will be able to interact only during the Show opening hours, that is to say on 23-27 November, from 10:00 to 18:00, which makes the whole experience even more similar to the actual experience of the physical Show.


More than 200 Exhibitors are expected to go Online for 5 days for direct Video Meetings with Hoteliers and Tourism Professionals during the 100% Hotel Show Online Edition, which will take place from 23 to 27 November 2020 in a dedicated digital environment where hundreds of Hoteliers will get into contact with the participating Companies!

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