The Demand Customize Marketing MEPE, was established to provide exactly what is described in the corporation title: specialized services of Customize Marketing. This is not just a company which organizes exhibitions, although it does organises exhibitions and events. It will not be characterized as publishing company-although it issues magazines, while being active also in the field of electronic publishing. In essence, this is a company which, following a relevant study, involves "vertically" on specific industries, in order to provide outlets and regular communication channels in business dialogue between companies supplying these industries and their potential customers.

So far, the interventions of Demand Customize Marketing concern the provision of  systematic Professional marketing to the following categories:


  1. Study-Design And Constructions ( Architects, Designers, Industrial Designers and Construction offices)
  2. Hospitality ( Hotels and Foodservices)
  3. Retail (Chains and retail stores as well as companies that distribute their products through retail spaces
  4. Music Industry




  • 100% Hotel Show: exhibition for the Hospitality and Tourism
  • Design Lab: events for the Architecture and the design in all its phases and forms
  • Material Lab: exhibition for the modern materials, the architectural lighting and special constructions
  • Vinyl is Back: event that systematically presents all parties involved in the process of producing, reproducing and selling vinyl records
  • Shop & Retail: exhibition for the construction, renovation, equipment and organization of retail spaces and retail marketing



  • Material (magazine for materials and design)
  • InStore (magazine for the image, the operation and the management of retail business of any kind)
  • Hotelier (a production of the collaboration of xenia and Demand Customize Marketing- a magazine for the image, the operation and management of tourism and catering business)
Demand Customize Marketing Athinon Av. 233, 12461 – Chaidari
tel.: 210 9408714 - 7
fax: 210 5814716
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